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Branding, logo design

Eltîn is a brand new Mediterranean restaurant and catering service located in the heart of Ixelles, Brussels (Belgium). They offer tasty and colorful recipes mixing lots of different flavours and textures, and inviting their customers to embark on a sunny journey throughout the Mediterranean.


Dyana, the ambitious young woman behind the project, contacted me to help her with her logo design and branding. Her restaurant was about to open and she wasn’t happy with the logo she had made herself on Canva.  So I analized her brand, including her target audience, main goals and needs, and started the creative process. 


I came up with different design ideas, all revolving around the concept of the fig, Eltîn meaning fig in Arabic. I also hand drew some colorful elements to add to the logo and make it even more memorable. 


The result is natural, authentic and creative, and is now beautifully showcased on the strorefront of Dyana’s restaurant.