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frequently asked questions

That’s an easy one! 

01. Just shoot me an email at info@ekkostudio.com or get in touch through the contact form to tell me a little more about your project, goals and needs.

02. Book your spot by paying the non-refundable 30% deposit.

To make sure that a spot will be available for you, it is better to book it 1-2 months in advance.

From there, we will decide on a timeline that works for both of us.


A non-refundable 30% deposit is required as a retainer to hold your spot on the studio calendar.

The remaining two payments are broken up over a period of a few months, so you can confidently invest in your business with ease. If you need a different payment plan, just ask!

It all depends on the project. 

01. The branding process takes about 4-6 weeks.

02. The branding + web process takes about 14-16 weeks.

That’s why I am often booked out months in advance, giving each client the attention and creative energy they deserve!

Trust me — it’s definitely worth the wait. 


Yes, I can, however I’d prefer not to.

I believe a brand is more than “just a logo ” and should be considered as a whole, rather than an icon that sits at the top of a website or letterhead. That is why I specialize in a full brand identity.

Your brand is the emotional connection a consumer makes with your business. Whereas, a logo is only one expression of a brand. In other words, branding is the culmination of various marketing assets to create the soul of the company and expresses its values and offering. Branding is important as it generates recognition, increases business value and helps you find new customers. A logo on its own cannot do that.

I’m aware it is a big investment, but you’ll see that it’s 100% worth it in the end (payment plans available). 

01. Your primary logo is what you’ll use most often to represent what you offer the world. You’ll probably display it in the header section of your website, and even on packaging collateral or business cards.

02. Your secondary logos are flexible and adaptable variations of your primary logo, which you can use as your profile photo on social media, in your website’s footer section, and so much more.

03.  Your brand mark represents your brand in its most simplified form (can be used as a website favicon, for example).

Yes, you can.

I use platforms such as WebflowSquarespace and Shopify that are user-friendly and intuitive. They have drag and drop functions and easy upload methods to keep your site up to date without needing to know how to code or with complex and confusing interfaces.

I will often add unique coding to enhance your website and reflect your brand, this has no effect on your upkeep and maintenance of it. You won’t break it!

After launch, I will book in a 1:1 training session with you to go through your new website and show you how to edit and manage it.

Of course, if this is not your thing, I can continue to support you with your updates on an hourly rate basis.

As a small studio I am limited by what I can commit to, as I have other wonderful clients I need to look after and who have booked time in advance with me.

However, I know the world doesn’t always work to a schedule and I’d be very happy to see what can be done, subject to the reason and the necessity. Let’s chat about it and come up with a solution.

Equally, if a project needs to be put on hold for whatever reason, I will be happy to accommodate.

The great thing about being an online design studio is the ability to connect with clients from all over the world. I do not need to be onsite or even in the same city to be able to work on a design project.

I have helped clients build brands in Belgium, France, Spain, the US and Tanzania.

I use tools and platforms such as my phone, emails, Zoom calls, WhatsApp messages and file sharing platforms to connect and collaborate with my clients. 

Besides, I am perfectly fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Once the project is completed you will (digitally) receive your final files in all formats (JPG, PNG, SVG, AI, EPS), optimized for both print and web, with any other additional files created for the newly branded materials.

Depending on the project, this may include brand strategy, developed logo suite, brand color palette and fonts, icons, patterns, branding system, packaging files, images, or illustrations.